Ok, so an about section. Well my name is Simon Gibbs. I'm 18 years old and this is my second trip to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is on the south east side of Africa. It's a landlocked country that's image was burned in peoples minds when there was terrible drought in the country. This lead to Band Aid and that annoying "Do they know it's Christmas" song :) .

Addis Ababa is the capitol of Ethiopia. The name means 'New Flower'. Addis Ababa is actually very different from how many people percieve Ethiopia. For a start it's green, theres plenty of vegitation the area is built up, and the roads are full of cars. There is poverty to a huge extent in Addis and there are many different types of poverty. It's very hard to try and comprehend with out actually seeing the city.

As previously mentioned this is my second time I've been out here, the first time was when I was 14 and it was for 2 weeks with my Dad and 6 others. However this time I've come on my own and met up with some poeple here. I'm out here for 3 months and I plan to find a way of using my computer skills to try and make a difference. So far I've been building websites, designing systems, video editing, and general IT support.

This page is just my personal shout out to the world explaining what I've managed to do out here...

Enjoy :)

Simon X

p.s. To learn more about the project that I'm visiting feel free to visit their website.
IHA-UDP Website: Click Here